The Good Government and Civic Sense Association was founded in February 2017 with the aim of establishing and promoting the Res Publica Award.

The goal is to stimulate greater interest in the community and greater attention to civic sense and both personal and professional integrity.

The desire to propose these values as guidelines for one's work stems from the need to stimulate in young people that sense of belonging to civic life, a condition that will make them active adults in society. It is with the help of entrepreneurs and virtuous citizens that all this becomes possible and feasible. 

Over the years the Res Publica Award has grown from a national event to an international one. Every year, the award jury carefully examines the nomination proposals, evaluating their work in the awarding sector and in compliance with the principles of the res publica.

The Association refrains from any commitment of a political nature and does not act in the interest of any party. The initiatives undertaken must in no way be qualified as politically oriented.

Visual transposition of the concept that is at the basis of the Association we find it in "Allegory and effects of Good and Bad Government", a cycle of frescoes by Ambrogio Lorenzetti preserved in the Sala del Consiglio dei Nove (also called Sala della Pace) of the Palazzo Public of Siena and datable to 1338-1339. The cycle is one of the first works of a totally secular nature in the history of medieval art. The frescoes were supposed to inspire the work of the city governors, who met in these rooms.